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About Us

Central Signal Corporation was founded in 1977 by Paul M. Carroll, to provide for the growing needs of his seven year old Sentinel Alarm Company.

Today, Central Signal Corporation is proud to serve several thousand customers. Central Signal Corporation is still a family run local business that continues to manage a full administrative support staff, as well as sales and service managers, available at each location.

Providing customized security is our business. Our security professionals are on hand to join you in a survey of your premises to make certain that your home or business is getting the level of protection it needs. We offer a variety of installation applications and components that include the latest advances in reliable electronic security available.

Our installers and service technicians are knowledgeable and certified in each area of equipment application. Our highly trained central station operators are watchful 24 hours a day, ready to communicate reported situations to emergency or service personnel. Providing security is our business.

Bosch Certified Dealer