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Frequently Asked

Repair Service, Testing Inspection,
Cleaning FAQs

What is a Repair Service Agreement?
Repair Service is an annual agreement to cover the labor costs of any service calls you may need for repairs to your alarm system.

Why would I want a Repair Service Agreement?

A repair service agreement allows you not to have to worry about anticipating repair labor costs for your system, especially with systems in use by many users.

What is a Testing & Inspection Agreement?
Testing & Inspection is a professional testing & inspection of your alarm system for proper operation.

Why would I want a Testing & Inspection Agreement?

Many city & town ordinances require annual testing & inspection of monitored alarm systems to avoid false alarm reporting to authorities. Commercial fire alarm systems, in most cities and towns, are required by law to have a minimum of annual inspection & testing. Additionally, many insurance companies require inspections, routine maintenance, and reports for a master policy. (Please confirm any such requirements in your policy with your insurance carrier.)

How often should Testing & Inspection be performed on my alarm system?
Testing & inspection on most systems is normally done on an annual basis. The fire chiefs of individual cities & towns may require additional testing & inspection based on the size & type of fire system & premise.

What is Smoke Detector Cleaning?
Smoke Detector Cleaning is preventative maintenance performed on fire systems with smoke detectors.

Why would I want a Smoke Detector Cleaning Agreement?

You may realize savings on equipment failure & replacement costs if you have a fire system with many smoke detectors and/or smoke detectors in unusually dusty or dirty environments.

How often should Smoke Detector Cleaning be performed on my fire alarm system?
Smoke Detector cleaning is done on most systems fire systems on an annual basis, though a system with many smoke detectors might warrant partial sections of the system to be cleaned semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly.